See this desktop right here? It's mine. Pretty empty, huh? Let's do something about that.

Yeah, it's completely lacking in tweaks, GeekTool widgets, skins, or anything useful really. Sure, I have plenty of apps, and when I open them they take up a good bit of the screen, but this is what the Desktop Showcase is all about. It's not so much a forum like the old Featured Desktop forum was, but just a tag that we all use when we want to share our awesome desktops.

So if you want to submit your desktop to be featured in our weekly Featured Desktop posts, the rules are simple. Make a post to your own Kinja blog (you know, the one you got with your commenter account!), upload a full-sized screenshot of your desktop, and in your post let us know how you made it! Include links to your wallpaper and any skins you used, if you can - otherwise I won't be able to tell other people how to recreate your masterpiece!

That's all there is to it! I'll check this tag regularly to pull great desktops to feature, and I'll leave you a comment when I do. Alright folks, let's see what you have to offer!