Lift's Guide to Meditation Is a Data-Driven Introduction for Beginners

You already know that meditation has real benefits, both emotionally and health-wise, but getting started is easier said than done. Finding the right type of meditation for you can be difficult. That's why the team at Lift put together this guide for beginners who want a more instructive approach. » 4/24/14 4:30am Today 4:30am

Reinforce Charging Cable Joints with Paracord

The end of your laptop or phone charging cable can take a lot of stress when you bend it to plug it in to give your gear some juice. We've shown you how to reinforce it with Sugru, but if you want something more durable, attractive, and multipurpose, try some paracord instead. » 4/18/14 4:00pm 4/18/14 4:00pm

This Graphic Walks You Through the Four-Minute Workout

We've mentioned how for people who are already active, a four-minute workout can go a long way towards keeping you active and in good condition. If you can't remember what that workout entails, this graphic walks you through the exercises and how long to do each one. » 4/18/14 5:30am 4/18/14 5:30am

AcDisplay Adds Moto X-Style Screen Notifications to Any Android Phone

Android (4.3+): When you get notifications on the Moto X, the center of the screen turns on to show you the time and an icon for the app that has the notification waiting for you, along with some other visual cues. If you'd like something similar for your Android phone, AcDisplay delivers. » 4/18/14 5:00am 4/18/14 5:00am

Since I'm a bigger guy, I swear by the underwear tuck. Wearing an undershirt usually helps keep me from getting too sweaty, and the last thing you want is for your undershirt and your dress shirt to be ruffled or too billowy, and that keeps everything in place neatly — that is, when I tuck the dress shirt at all. :) » 4/17/14 5:04pm 4/17/14 5:04pm

Hah - I was going to do this post myself. :) One thing that's important to note in the process is that the Instructable creator used a set of biodegradable pots as a "scaffold" that they built the other pots on top of, essentially pasting the coffee grounds (and some flour and water) onto the pots and then calling it a… » 4/17/14 12:43pm 4/17/14 12:43pm

The Importance of Saying Thank You, and Why You Should Say It Often

"Thank you" can be an incredibly powerful pair of words, especially if the person you're thanking really needs to hear them, or isn't expecting them. In this short TED talk, Dr. Laura Trice muses over the power of saying thank you, and reminds us why we should say it—and ask to hear it—more often. » 4/17/14 5:30am 4/17/14 5:30am

Extreme Hotel Deals Gets You Great Rooms at Deep Discounts

If you're flexible about your travel, you can score the biggest discounts on your trip. That's not new, but Extreme Hotel Deals offers great rooms—sometimes at posh resorts—for serious discounts. We're talking $10, $20, or $50 a night for incredible rooms—if you act fast and have a bit of luck, that is. » 4/17/14 4:30am 4/17/14 4:30am

The Best At-Home Coffee Making Gear

A good cup of coffee starts with the right beans, but from there you also need the right tools to get the best possible result. Sure, we have our favorite coffeemakers, but we want to build a solid list of the best coffee-making gear you could have at home. Let's get started. » 4/17/14 4:00am 4/17/14 4:00am